What people with chronic illnesses want for Christmas

Chornic Illness (1)

  • Health coverage/benefits While Canada has a health care system where most people could easily survive without health coverage or benefits, having health benefits are huge for those with chronic illnesses that require regular medication, physio or who need to use an ambulance periodically.
  • Drugs Many people with chronic illnesses take more medication in a day than typical people take in a year. Health plans at best only cover a percentage and sometimes medication isn’t covered at all. The cost of drugs quickly add up.
  • More sick days While everyone probably wishes that they had more sick days, people with chronic illnesses have to contend with the typical colds and flus as well as whatever condition(s) or disease(s) they have.
  • Massages Pain is a huge symptom for many people with chronic illnesses and oftentimes they can have days where everything hurts.
  • People to stay home when they are sick Unfortunately having a chronic illness or disease does not make you immune to catching colds and flus and in most cases makes it a lot easier. It also takes longer to recover and increases the chances of complications.
  • The first morning appointment Waiting in doctor’s offices is no fun. People with chronic illnesses often have to see doctors more frequently, which means more waiting. They also oftentimes have to see specialists who are usually especially backed up and will leave you waiting for hours. The coveted first morning appointment gives you hope that you may be able to get out while it’s still daylight and possibly go back to work or the rest of your life.
  • Delivery For those numerous days people with chronic illnesses don’t feel well, if everything could just come to us that would be great. This includes food, drugs and any other things we need to survive. Running errands and doing everyday tasks like cooking and laundry simply feel insurmountable at times.