Why I wouldn’t go out with guys that say I’m gorgeous

Let me clarify this. I wouldn’t go out with guys if one of the first few things that they say to me is that I am pretty or gorgeous. While I still take these comments as compliments, I simply don’t want to go out with a guy who notices or cares more about how I look than how I act, think and feel. Similarly to Lisa Bloom’s “How to Talk to Little Girls” where she discusses how little girls shouldn’t be told that they are cute, I don’t feel that grown women, nor men for that matter should be greeted with compliments about their appearance by people that have never met them before. It places a very real societal pressure that people are judging you solely based on your appearance and your looks therefore are of utmost importance to maintain and improve.

That being said, I don’t feel it’s a bad thing to compliment people that you know or see frequently occasionally on how they look.


Review of Jobs movie

The movie starts off with Jobs in university. He’s a hippie who doesn’t like wearing shoes, does drugs and takes classes without enrolling at the school with little respect for an actual degree. Despite being happy, he still struggles with being given up by his parents.

Flash forward and he now has a job at Atari. He yells at someone for not making a game in color. His boss comes out to speak to him about his inability to work with others and his personal problems like his lack of hygiene. He agrees to keep him on though as long as he doesn’t bother the other staff which means working when no one else is there. He brings one of his friends, Steve Wozniak to help him, telling him they are getting paid $700 for the job though Jobs actually gets $4000. This is a key point in the movie which shows that Jobs values success over friendship and is willing to cut friendships for the good of the company.

Wozniak is the brains that comes up with the revolutionary computers. In the movie Jobs is depicted as the one who knows how Wozniak’s machine can change the world. Similarly to the Social Network Jobs seems to know, even if no one else does that Wozniak’s machines will be successful as will the Apple company they create.

While building the Apple company, Jobs continues to argue with and demean his employees and friends that he works with. Despite his friends utmost support with everything over the years he decides not to give shares of the company to anybody other than Wozniak. The worst part of the movie though is when Jobs finds out his longtime girlfriend is pregnant, throws her out of his house and refuses to acknowledge that it is his daughter even after a DNA test.

While Jobs seems to reconnect with his family and daughter during his time away from Apple, it’s not enough to redeem the previous scenes of him refusing to acknowledge that he had a daughter.

I enjoyed the movie since I had never heard much about Steve Jobs life and he is definitely eccentric, erratic and unique. The movie is similar to Social Network in that they both follow the story of extremely smart people that didn’t get along well with others founding extremely successful technology companies. Jobs is a lot more despicable than Zuckenburg though and I give Zuckenburg a lot more respect for making Facebook whereas Jobs just seemed to come up with ideas and tell other people to build them. I really want to read Wozniak’s biography now.

I feel like I would never buy an Apple product again after watching this movie. While I wasn’t a big Apple fan before this, count me in as one of the people that don’t care if my computer looks sexy, I actually hate Apple now. After watching Jobs not give a fuck about his family and friends, I really doubt that he gave a fuck about the conditions and the people that were making Ipods.

Yet Another Opinion on the Olympics

I love the Olympics. There’s something about the purity and competitiveness of sports that is universal to all cultures and countries and transcends barriers like economics, race, religion, gender and politics. This unique quality of sport allows the Olympics to be not just one of the largest global events in the world, but one of the most powerful. Sadly though the power of the Olympics has yet to be really harnessed other than through companies paying outrageous amount to sponsor and advertise with the Olympics.

In case you haven’t heard Russia will be hosting the Olympics in 2014 and has announced that they have banned public discussion and propaganda on non traditional relationships.  There has been a wide range of views taken over what to do about this with some of the more popular suggestions being to move the Olympics to another city or to boycott the Olympics http://www.cbc.ca/strombo/social-issues/stephen-frys-open-letter-an-absolute-ban-on-the-russian-winter-olympics-is-simply-essential.html. While I love the Olympics, I am an even bigger fan of human rights and I am a huge supporter of equal rights for LGBT. That being said I don’t feel that moving or boycotting the Olympics will further LGBT rights or the Olympic movement.

There have been a few Olympic boycotts in the past and none of them have been very effective. The Games have gone on and the boycott just results in diluting the wins of athletes that do go and ruining dreams for the athletes that don’t. Boycotts of the Olympics don’t send a message of the need for social or political change they send a message of  animosity between countries.

Moving the Olympics to a different country is a slightly better move. It still presents a logistical nightmare though as tickets, sponsors, volunteers and schedules have already been planned and would have to be completely redone with a location change. While this may send a message to Russia that the country wouldn’t tolerate it’s discriminatory laws, picking a country without any human rights and social justice infractions would be impossible. Almost 80 other countries have laws which make homosexuality or expressions of homosexuality illegal. China hosted the Olympics in 2008 and is another country home to many human rights violations, if we move the Sochi Olympics people will question why we didn’t move China’s and every Olympics hereafter.  If we start boycotting, moving or picking countries based on  human rights and social justice it would make the Olympics elitist as only a select few countries would get to host, taking away from the global aspect of the event.

What I do think people should do is that anybody attending the Olympics as an athlete, coach, official, broadcaster or spectator should do is display their support for LGBT. While government officials have said that people will get arrested for the expression of non traditional relationships, the Olympics is too much of a media event for this to happen. I think all the Olympic uniforms should have rainbows, the opening ceremonies should resemble a gay pride parade and openly gay athletes should be flag bearers. Maybe Russia will realize that if the world accepts LGBT that they should too.

For people not attending the Olympics, there is still much to be done in terms of equality for LGBT. There have been suicides all over the world because of the social stigma and alienation that people that are LGBT have. I hear derogatory comments towards LGBT all the time. In Canada Canadian Blood Services still discriminates against people that have been in homosexual relationships. For those not going to the Olympics there is still many options to support LGBT rights locally.

While people will fault the Olympics for their lack of action on social justice and human rights issues, the Olympics brings these issues to the forefront in a way that no other event could. No one except for LGBT activists would be paying much attention to Russia’s laws against homosexual relationships if the Olympics weren’t being hosted there. The global attention from hosting the Olympics does a lot more than a documentary, book, webpage, petition or other campaign would.


What I’ve learned from a Sprained Ankle

1) Crutches are hard to use. Not only do you have to find level ground for both crutches and your foot, you also have to make sure that you put the crutches at the same angle and push with your arms equally. An electric scooter would be way easier. Or even just a scooter and a cane you can use to push with.

2) Always be fit. Since the crutches were a fail and it took me awhile to get them anyways I’ve been hoping on one foot as my sole method of getting around. Some people seem to think this is really hazardous but I assure you it is easier and faster than the crutches if you are in shape. I have never been so glad that I can pistol squat so I can easily just reach and grab things on one foot and I can also easily go up and down stairs thanks to doing the 1 legged stair hop things.

3) Stuffed animals work great to put your foot in to elevate and ice them.


4) Try and do and put your laundry away right away because it sucks having to do it with one foot.

5) Things like watering plants and preparing soup are nearly impossible when you can’t apply any weight at all to your other foot.

6) When you can limp and people that you that you are limping, the correct response is not to tell them “I know” but to tell them how you got injured.

White Palms

I just watched a movie where I couldn’t understand half of it and I still thought it was pretty good. Half of the movie is in English and the other half is in Hungarian.

It depicts a young boy, Miklos Dongo training competitively for gymnastics in Hungary in the 80s. The coach is extremely abusive, hitting kids with a sabre, sitting on them and hitting them. I’m pretty sure this still happens in many places and sports. The kid’s parents are no help, also something that is real today with fame hungry parents and he eventually runs away to join the circus.

Dongo somehow ends up in Calgary and it’s pretty neat seeing Calgary’s landmarks sprinkled in the movie. Dongo takes a job as a gymnastics coach. There’s a lot of random footage of the gym and him talking to the head coach, much of it seems unnecessary as paperwork for new jobs isn’t that interesting.  After filling out the paperwork and wandering the gym with odd camera angles he starts teaching. When he pushes a kid for picking on another kid though the parents demand that he be fired.This part really resonates with me because when working with kids you will get kids that are absolute terrors to everyone and their parents don’t care so you can’t really do anything. Rather weirdly instead of getting fired Dongo gets to coach the club’s best gymnast Kyle Manjak, played by Kyle Shewfelt a Calgarian and Olympic gymnast. Kyle seems determined not to do any gymnastics at all, instead he comes to the gym and sits around ignoring Dongo. I have absolutely no idea why a teenager would still go to the gym if they didn’t want to and his parents don’t seem to be present either. Anyways since Dongo can’t hit Kyle he finally decides to start training himself and Kyle follows suit. After one clip of this they both make it to Worlds and Kyle wins with Dongo finishing 3rd. Without saying good bye to Kyle, Dongo then goes on to Cirque Du Soleil where we are shown a long clip of him preparing for a show.

The movie skips back and forth between current time and Dongo’s past to reflect how Dongo’s past influences him in his current life coaching.

I really wish there could have been more exploration of the relationship between Kyle and Dongo and a lot more dialogue between them. The coach/athlete dynamic is usually pretty interesting. It also may have been helpful to understand what was being said in half of the movie. Overall the movie is a great concept and highlights the differences between North American and more communist/dictatorship sports training and how they can both fall flat.

If you want to watch it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkowL_xtnb0


Calgary Stampede 2013

I love the Stampede. I have gone every year and also worked there for several years. In truth I don’t really do much there just walk around, go to free shows, look at the animals and try out some food but here’s a review anyways.

The Stampede Midway Games:

I may have gotten old but there didn’t seem to be much cool new stuff to win at this one. The annoying orange, some Pokemon and bikes were all the same as last year.

The Roundup Centre/ BMO Centre:

Infomercial booths also seemed to be lacklustre. Where are all the new infomercials? Isn’t there a channel just for these things?

The Big Hit:

The most popular thing at the Stampede was the Hell or High Water shirt. Mass/Flash consumerism at its finest. BTW I’m not being sarcastic about consumerism at its finest because the proceeds from those shirts are donated to disaster relief.

Indian Village:

I went to the Indian Village and actually stuck around for awhile there for the first time. All the other times I had pretty much walked around the tipis super fast. This time I watched the performances that they were doing on the stage though. It was great seeing the dances and seeing the cool costumes.


The agriculture buildings are pretty much the same each year. Who doesn’t like to hold baby animals and get in touch with their inner farmer though? Well actually vegetarians and hardcore animal rights activists probably don’t. In all seriousness I think it is important to teach kids and adults about farms, animals and where their food comes from.

The Food:

I missed the Range. The food trucks were a good addition though. I tried the deep fried butter. It essentially just tasted like deep fried dough with butter inside. I could feel years being taken off my life as I ate it.

The Shows

The Steppes:

I saw a contortionist comedian. It was ok and I liked the fact she was pretty ripped. This is not something that you see in many contortionists or female performers in general.  Her show really only consisted of like two poses and squeezing herself into a box while telling a few jokes though.

Coke Stage:

The place for one hit wonders from a few years ago to perform actually had a good lineup this year. I saw Michael Bernard Fitzgerald on the Coke stage who was amazing. I love the fact that they had a Calgarian on the Coke stage. Walk off the Earth, K-os and Sam Roberts Band also were on the Coke Stage this year.


The last couple years the Stampede has had great shows in the corral with the skating show and then the Tails show telling the story of Stampede history last year. This year they had Family Feud which may have been worse than the Superdogs, a feat pretty hard to achieve. While I didn’t go see Family Feud, some of my friends tried to. By tried to I didn’t mean they couldn’t get in because it was full, rather they sat through part of it and had to leave because it was so boring.

Bell Aqua Ranch

The fountain show consisted of a few fountains sporadically spraying while pop songs were played. A couple kids with some water guns could have done a better job. The H2X extreme show was ok. If you want to see some decently hot guys fully clothed in wetsuits driving cool water gizmos in a really small pool then this show is for you.  I I really don’t know that much about water sports but it felt like they were doing the same trick over and over again. The thing where he gets lifted into the air on a surfboard connected by tubes is pretty cool although gimmicky. Everything would have looked much cooler with an actual lake and I would have much rather tried the things then watched people do the same trick over and over again. It was a great place to watch the fireworks though.

Overall while this year’s Stampede was good, it definitely fell short of previous years.

The Amazing Race Canada

Yesterday I watched the Amazing Race Canada. I had already been pretty excited for the show and spraining my ankle beforehand and being unable to do anything made any TV show seem exciting.

The format:

While some people bemoaned about the fact that the race was not going to leave Canada, I didn’t mind the Canadian focus. Canada has a pretty large land mass and pretty diverse scenery and climate and I still haven’t explored a lot of Canada. I didn’t like how the Amazing Race Canada featured only 9 teams while most other versions of the Amazing Race have 11. I wish they had more teams, both because I saw a ton of great audition videos and because fewer teams means fewer legs of the race. To be truthful though, the first couple weeks of the show I don’t even remember all the teams so I don’t know how big of a loss this is.

The cast:

The cast of the Amazing Race seems pretty interesting. All of the teams seem a whole lot nicer than the American teams. I really like how they included but didn’t try and over dramatize Cory, who is a recent amputee or Tim Sr, who has Parkinsons. We haven’t seen any blow ups between partners yet or much friction between teams. I loved how they showed the teams supporting each other instead with Cory sharing his story of his prosthetics with the twins and getting encouragement and the gay cowboys hugging the twins when they lost.  I liked how there was some minor freaking out before the tasks but it didn’t seem super dramatic and the competitors all seemed proud and excited after completing challenges.  I am also a huge fan of Hal and Joanne and her saying that Body Break bit before she jumped off was priceless. They should bring Body Break back. Jon Montgomery looks a lot like Phil Keoughan and isn’t a bad host at all.

The Tasks/Challenges and actual race:

I like how they used the words terrarium and yacht. Yeah I know that is really weird. While the terrarium challenge fell a bit flat, the diving and walking out on a high plank looked exciting. I also liked how each person had to do a roadblock. The task were pretty straightforward though and with minimum freakage, footage of each team completing the task quickly got boring. I’m surprised that despite reading the clues out loud, the teams had so much trouble with the tasks and did things like not taking two clues or driving around the lake looking for an Ogo Pogo.

There are usually some pretty interesting conversations or dynamic between partners when the teams are in transit driving or running in the American version. This didn’t seem that evident in the Canadian version though. The most interesting part seemed to be a few people honking while Don was driving and Jet? sticking his head out of the car and someone making a remark about not hanging out with the team likely to impale their heads while driving.

Annoying problem:

There was way too much product placement.  While I find overt product placement and advertising rampant in a lot of Canadian reality TV, it never gets any less annoying.  Air Canada, Interac Flash, Chevrolet Spark your couple seconds of completely random footage are enough, several seconds are definitely pushing it.  With the partnership with Air Canada it also takes some of the fun out of booking airline tickets and finding the fastest route to places. I’ve also been delayed for +4 hours with Air Canada for non weather related reasons at major airports so I wonder if any of the teams will be hit with massive delays.

Overall while the show was good and I would watch again, it definitely seemed like a lower cost version of the American show.