Review of Jobs movie

The movie starts off with Jobs in university. He’s a hippie who doesn’t like wearing shoes, does drugs and takes classes without enrolling at the school with little respect for an actual degree. Despite being happy, he still struggles with being given up by his parents.

Flash forward and he now has a job at Atari. He yells at someone for not making a game in color. His boss comes out to speak to him about his inability to work with others and his personal problems like his lack of hygiene. He agrees to keep him on though as long as he doesn’t bother the other staff which means working when no one else is there. He brings one of his friends, Steve Wozniak to help him, telling him they are getting paid $700 for the job though Jobs actually gets $4000. This is a key point in the movie which shows that Jobs values success over friendship and is willing to cut friendships for the good of the company.

Wozniak is the brains that comes up with the revolutionary computers. In the movie Jobs is depicted as the one who knows how Wozniak’s machine can change the world. Similarly to the Social Network Jobs seems to know, even if no one else does that Wozniak’s machines will be successful as will the Apple company they create.

While building the Apple company, Jobs continues to argue with and demean his employees and friends that he works with. Despite his friends utmost support with everything over the years he decides not to give shares of the company to anybody other than Wozniak. The worst part of the movie though is when Jobs finds out his longtime girlfriend is pregnant, throws her out of his house and refuses to acknowledge that it is his daughter even after a DNA test.

While Jobs seems to reconnect with his family and daughter during his time away from Apple, it’s not enough to redeem the previous scenes of him refusing to acknowledge that he had a daughter.

I enjoyed the movie since I had never heard much about Steve Jobs life and he is definitely eccentric, erratic and unique. The movie is similar to Social Network in that they both follow the story of extremely smart people that didn’t get along well with others founding extremely successful technology companies. Jobs is a lot more despicable than Zuckenburg though and I give Zuckenburg a lot more respect for making Facebook whereas Jobs just seemed to come up with ideas and tell other people to build them. I really want to read Wozniak’s biography now.

I feel like I would never buy an Apple product again after watching this movie. While I wasn’t a big Apple fan before this, count me in as one of the people that don’t care if my computer looks sexy, I actually hate Apple now. After watching Jobs not give a fuck about his family and friends, I really doubt that he gave a fuck about the conditions and the people that were making Ipods.


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