What I’ve learned from a Sprained Ankle

1) Crutches are hard to use. Not only do you have to find level ground for both crutches and your foot, you also have to make sure that you put the crutches at the same angle and push with your arms equally. An electric scooter would be way easier. Or even just a scooter and a cane you can use to push with.

2) Always be fit. Since the crutches were a fail and it took me awhile to get them anyways I’ve been hoping on one foot as my sole method of getting around. Some people seem to think this is really hazardous but I assure you it is easier and faster than the crutches if you are in shape. I have never been so glad that I can pistol squat so I can easily just reach and grab things on one foot and I can also easily go up and down stairs thanks to doing the 1 legged stair hop things.

3) Stuffed animals work great to put your foot in to elevate and ice them.


4) Try and do and put your laundry away right away because it sucks having to do it with one foot.

5) Things like watering plants and preparing soup are nearly impossible when you can’t apply any weight at all to your other foot.

6) When you can limp and people that you that you are limping, the correct response is not to tell them “I know” but to tell them how you got injured.


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